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8:39 p.m. - 2007-12-23
the new boy is awesome!
So... its been almost 3 weeks since I updated because remember that guy I last wrote about?
Well, I've pretty much been with him every weekend since we met.

We met on the 8th for dinner. It went really well and he came with me to AEB's birthday bash. We hung out with Robin and her friends and Andy and had a good time... and then went back to his place.
I know, i know.. broke the first date rule, but holy hell he's so cute and smart and I really like him.
The next weekend he came up for my work christmas party and spent ALL weekend here!!
This weekend he came up on Thursday night 'cause he didn't have to work on Friday and then left today.
Cutest thing: I had to work on Friday and he came to visit me. They were doing the craft fair and he bought a little gift for all the kids in my class!

this guy is awesome. He's super smart, super funny and a total dork (though anyone else who meets him thinks he's totally smooth.. I guess I get to see the real side of him).
The sexual chemistry between us is amazing.. and he has the BEST hair in the entire world. A mop of thick black curls.
I'm in heaven.

There's so much to write, but I'm fucking beat and so I'll write mroe later.. just wanted to let yo know I'm alive!



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