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8:47 a.m. - 2007-12-02
*cross your fingers for me!*
So there was that one guy online that I was supposed to meet up, but never did.
I think it's a good thing..

While it's too soon to tell, I recently started talking to a guy.. wowza is he cute... and he's smart and went to college and has his own place.. and yeah.. just seems like all around pretty f'in cool.

We're supposed to meet up next weekend... I'm way excited...

how funny that as soon as I send that letter, I'm finally able to let go of B and move on...
I should have done it YEARS ago!

Lesson: don't procrastinate! ;)

Ok.. so I got up way too early.. I didn't even go to sleep until late 'cause the new boy and I were up texting each other..
I guess I'll go be productive and do laundry and such..
Wow, fun/



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