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1:51 p.m. - 2007-04-26
moving on down??
Because I'm sick and totally lazy.. here's a copy of the email I just sent out.

"So, as some of you know, this past school year has been absolute HELL for me. When I agreed to be team leader for 3rd grade, I was to be a 'co'-team leader. That lasted about a week and the other lady dipped out and I was stuck doing it on my own. We have 11 people on my team, 4 being teachers who have never taught before/haven't taught in 20 years (literally, one hasn't taught in 2 decades). Needless to say, between the pressure of FCAT, dealing with new people, dealing with some insane drama between 2 other people on my team... one person on my team telling secrets of another.. this year has just dragged me down.... the only upside has been that its gone by so freakin' fast because I've been so busy.

After much consideration, I decided that I wanted to switch to another grade. It's not that I don't love team teaching with Laura, but living and teaching together was just too much. I formally requested to move to 2nd grade next year and I just found out today that I GOT IT!

Now, why send out the mass email? Because this news is freaking AWESOME! I love the 2nd grade team and while they aren't perfect, they seem to run much smoother than mine did this year. I'm going to miss my team, but if 2nd sucks I can always go back to third.

So yeah.. I'm way excited.. just scared about having to move all the stuff I have in my classroom.. though the rumor is, 3rd grade will be moving, so hopefully I can keep my classroom! (and to have it to myself? holy shit that'd be awesome!)

So yeah... no more 3rd grade or FCAT for me!! WOOOOO!!

Just wanted to share the good news! (especially since the majority of you have been the ones who have had to hear me bitch and complain all year about work!)
love melinda"



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