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7:17 p.m. - 2006-06-20
~ I've come to the realisation that being a homeowner means that you will never be done with things you could do to your house. It's kind of like teaching.. there's always something more you can do...

~ I've completed 2 days of my 4 days of inservice this summer. The inservice has been really long, but interesting. Hopefully the next 2 days will go quickly since we are finally to the point in reading development that goes along with my grade level.

~ To those who love me will be relieve that I finally am done being James's personal PDA. I don't have any more of his appointments in my pda, and therefore no longer feel responsible for him getting to those appointments. It's very freeing.

~ I've also decided that regardless of who it is, I will never date a army vet (especially a iraq war vet) ever again.

~ I think from now on, I'm going back to the blonde boys. They are so dreamy. Sorry boys with brown hair, but my luck with you isn't that good.. plus so few of you have blue eyes. (except jamey's hubby.. his eyes rock)

~ My horn is shorting out and today as I was leaving the inservice, it went off and wouldn't turn off for like 3 minutes... nonstop it was going "BBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP". Seriously.. can you get any more embarrassing????

Anyways.. off I go to do dishes. fun fun


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