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11:36 p.m. - 2005-04-25
just add it on to the emotional crap pile of the day

So... Brian is coming to FL?

I emailed him the dream..... and there was a part i didn't write about in here to save space/time but it was that we were in a store (the first time around when he was being nice) and I was like, "oh Altoids, I heard that when you do oral, they're supposed to be cool" and he was all like, "Get some!"

So I email him about the dream.... and this is the reply I receive.

"You're buying the family-size Altoids when I come
to FL."

*And yes, that's the entire email*

He doesn't email me for like a month.. and that's all I get? And that's how he says he's coming? Coming where? Tampa or Miami?

Thing is.. he doesn't have a clue that this might be a huge thing for me.. and even if he did.. he doesnt care...
and I can't let him know that this effects me.. because it really shouldn't.

Anyways... yeah.. so I guess he's coming.. though I don't know when or for how long or what...

Christ.. I so didn't need this.


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