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8:52 p.m. - 2005-04-26
fucking unicorn
So last night I couldn't sleep.

I'm more pissed off at myself than anything. I was supposed to be over him. I really truly thought I was.. so if I was.. why is this bothering me so much? Why am I freaking out over the thought of seeing him again.

I'll tell you why.
Because no matter what... no matter how long goes by.. that boy is my one weakness... and I hate it.

This past year I've done so well.. and when I say this, I say it with all honesty.. I realllllly didn't think he'd ever email me back that first time. I didn't expect him to do it this time either... I emailed to him to bug him actually and because it was a funny dream that was like Groundhog day.. and I thought it was funny that each time he got more and more assholish and yet he was cocky as ever....

I dunno.. just the thought of him living in Fl is just really bizzare. I really thought by now he'd be like married to M and living happily ever after.. not coming to FL.

Fucking Unicorn.


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