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12:51 p.m. - 2008-05-16
yay for hooky days
I'm sitting at Bordersn at 12:51 today because I'm playing hooky. this has been a hellish week and I just needed some time away. Kharis is at work and as soon as I leave here, I'll head back to his place where I'll chill out and wait for him to get home from work.
I am like disgustingly happy with him... and I just adore him more than I ever thought possible. it's so funny to go back and read entries that I wrote about Brian.... what I felt for him, even at it's peak is nothing what I feel for Kharis....
Well, I just came here to get some internet and pay a couple of bills online.. I'm off.. just wanted to do a quick update and let everyone know I'm alive.



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