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7:54 p.m. - 2007-05-14
rant about work
I find it hilarious that I'm told "I can only make a list of 2 things to do at a time so I don't get over-whelmed per my counselor"...
yet I'm watched as I handle the following at the same time

~doing the attendance
~taking lunch money and recording it
~putting grades into the new program we have to use
~talking to kids about normal monday morning stuff
~dealing with our EH kid who was going off about something
~trying to remember which 6 kids didn't go to the fieldtrip that was almost a month ago
~recording the numbers of those who went to the fieldtrip, and sending the count to another teacher
~getting stuff ready for the para's to file in the cums for us.

I honestly can not wait for next year... after doing everything for 31 kids all year.. next year will be a fucking breeze.. even having to grade all the Language arts stuff that I don't right now.

The worst thing was I was tearing the room apart to find a specific set of papers (which for some reason got put in the bottom file cabinet drawer instead of the top), and she's just sitting there grading papers, watching me.

This school year can't end soon enough... I'm fucking DONE. Especially since I'm almost 100% certain that one of our ex students stole money out of my desk. *sob*
I almost cried when I discovered it missing.... I was in such shock.. I've never had any trouble with money being taken.. my purse is always out int he open, and my kids have NEVER messed with it...
It's so sad because I know I won't get the money back... and now I'll have horrible feelings baout this kid.. who isn't a "bad" kid.. jsut one with no guidance and no parenting.


ok.. enough about work.
Off to put away laundry that I did last week.
I'm such a slacker.


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