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10:13 a.m. - 2007-05-13
no I can't compete with a model.. thanks
My life as always, is bizzare at best.

*He* is now dating a hooter's model. Um. Yeah.

A is now calling me on a daily basis... usually to talk about a girl that he's having trouble with... seriously, like everyday.

I can't even say what's going on with the other A...

The school year is ending and work is insane... the kids are crazy, we're all just done with the school year and are all literally counting down the days until summer break.... I keep hearing comments about how I'm switching grades and I've been yelled at by the testing lady because my kids have always done well on the FCAT and now they wont have me on the 3rd grade team to help with that.
Oh well.

My roommate will be moving out at the end of the month into her own home, which will totally change how I live... not that I was dependent on her rent money, but it sure helped a hell of a lot... considering I will live off of 5 paychecks from june 2- august 27th.. its going to be interesting.

One good thing is, I don't have to move classrooms.... which would have been just horrific. Like 80% of the stuff in the room is mine... so it would have been insane to move it all... the classroom library takes up 3 bookcases.. and again, most are mine so to move them all would just suck... but I don't have to, so I'm very very happy. I already have the layout for the room ready, and if things go as projected, I should have around 15 kids, which is awesome 'cause this year we have 31 and to have 1/2 of the desks gone, will create so much space!

I've lost all desire to date. I've lost all caring about relationships.. I just wanna spend my summer hanging out with friends and playing xbox... because yes, I'm obviously a 14 year old boy.

So yeah.
i'm still alive..

now I'm off to spend the day with the family for mother's day


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