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9:58 p.m. - 2007-02-21
taking care of this fat ass
I really need to start writing in this more.. its not that nothing is going on.. its just that nothing exciting is going on.
I tire myself on entries that are solely about work or mundane crap like "I'm bored".

I started Nutrisystem. Since Saturday I've lost 2 lbs. I think I'll go down more tomorrow. I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday, but I think its good for me to obsess over it. It's keeping me on track, and by telling everyone I know that I'm on it, my Aries pride won't let me fail.

I actually haven't told EVERYONe.. a few choice people will just see results at a specific time (I'm thinking summer trip to New Orleans??) haha

If I average what other ppl seem to on the NS site, then I can reach my goal by the summer... besides the 1200 calorie diet I'm on, I'm also going to start up at Gold's Gym as soon as it opens.. which should be in the next couple of weeks.. yay for a new gym and gym equipment!

So cross your fingers for me.. its been a LOOONNGG time coming, but its time that I'm finally ready to take care of myself and I'm at the place in my life where I'm going to stick with it.



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