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11:37 a.m. - 2006-09-16
around the corner....
~ The Kindergarten teacher is single now.

I know we're the talk of the school because we're friends and always talking.

The latest talk is in my ear telling me that he is interested.

You know me, the overly jaded one won't believe it until/if we ever kiss.

He did ask for my number and is coming to my Halloween party.. and we're going to a football game with a group from work the weekend after the Halloween party.

People tell me that when I'm around, I'm the only one he focuses on... and that when he came into my classroom after open house Thursday night and there was a group of us, he came straight to me and started talking to me.

Did I mention that our birthdays are exactly 1.5 years apart? Why is that significant? Well besides the fact that we're direct opposites on the zodiac (seriously, how cool is that.. me april 14 and him exactly 6 months later on october 14), that's the age span that my Grandparents were.. and my grandparents were also Aries and Libra. It's just something that I am stuck on.. how random that is..
Plus his name is Eric (and if you know me and my favorite Disney movie, you'll see why that's also a funny thing)

Anyways.. gotta go get ready for a friend's son's football game... then its GIRLS NIGHT OUT for Jamey's birthday!!


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