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2:49 p.m. - 2006-09-02
my recipe
Today I have been uber productive.. I went to lowes and sam's and walmart. Ive cleaned up the house, made empanadas, burnt some empanadas and am about to start a second batch.
Adam should be here soon as well.
Not sure what the plans for tonight will be... fun times I'm sure :)
Ok.. off to see if the meat is thawed out enough to cook it...
Oh.. here's the recipe if you are interested... and don't balk at the ingredients.. it works.. trust me.

one package goya large empanada shells (only 1.37 at walmart!) 10 in package

ground beef (i usually work with about 1.25 - 1.50 lbs).

taco seasoning (one or two packages depending on how much meat you cook)

one package fiesta cheese blend

garlic (one or 2 cloves)

onion (I use usually about a half)

green olives (I usually put in at least 25 cut in half.. more or less depending on oyur taste)

golden raisins (I put in about a half of a cup.. I don't really measure.. I just pour some in from the box)

thaw shells
preheat oven to 350*
cook the meat, onion and garlic
drain any excess fat
add in the taco seasoning, olives and raisins and cook on low for about 10 miutes to let teh meat soak up the sauce and the raisins plump up

place small mound of cheese and meat in shell, fold over, crimp with fork
place on sprayed cookie sheet and cook for 15 minutes

great with sour cream!

*they say to cook the shells in oil, but I bake them so they are healthier*



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