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11:16 p.m. - 2006-07-31
yay for being an OA
So my boss (seriously, she's the best boss ever) told me today that we're doing the mentoring seminar in my classroom!
THANK FUCKING GOD that I have the room 80% set up!! *whew*
My mentee (who I adore) helped me some today since her room is pretty much done. I work with really amazing people.. yes I do....
Haven't talked to the roommate since she left. My mentee asked if she would come back mad, and I said I didn't know, nor do I care at this point.. I have too much other shit to worry about!! Could you imagine if neither of us had done any work in the room until our first day back (thursday) and I had to bring all those new people in and sit them on the floor?? Yeah.. that'd be a good example to set.. but I will show them what can be accomplished in a few days. :)
I'm soo glad I'm the little over achiever this year! Woot!


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