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10:22 p.m. - 2006-05-31
more crap about my house you really don't care about
I hate painting.

I hate it.
hate it, hate it, hate it.

LUCKILY my job called today and asked if I would come in tomorrow and help with some interviews for the 3 positions we have in the 3rd grade.. which is awesome 'cause it means I get a say on who we invite to work with us! :)

After that.. its more painting.

I will be done with the living/dining room tomorrow.. and hopefully get my bedroom's 2nd coat done as well... that way I can start moving my stuff over! The kitchen is done and once all the furniture gets moved in, I'll do the front hall and I'll totally be done!!! Oh crap.. wait.. I still need to paint my bathroom, but that's so damn small it won't be long! :)

OK.. gonna get to bed since tomorrow is very busy!

Did I mention I had to shell out 200 bucks today to fix my car?

Yeah... so fun..



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