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10:12 p.m. - 2006-05-30
holy crap homeownership is tiring!
The last two days have been filled with "holy crap I now own a home, what the hell do I do now" bullshit.

So what do I do?

I drag my dad to go to Lowe's with me at 8pm. I spend 180 bucks on paint for the entire house and start painting.

I was at the hosue from 930-1130 last night priming the walls in the living room/dining room (which is freaking huge). Today I was back at like 11am and was there until 8pm. Laroo came over and helped so the entire livingroom/dining room and front hall is primed, I took the wallpaper down in the kitchen and we put the first coat of paint in there, and my bedroom has one coat of paint as well. *whew*

Tomorrow morning I have to bring my car into the shop becuase now something is up with my brakes. Yeah.. some more money I'll be shelling out.. great... not to mention I still need my air fixed in it...

Did I mention I still need to buy a new stove and fridge? (though I might have it covered)

Holy crap being a grown up is expensive! Luckily we'll be closing next week since they are doing the survey on Friday and then I'll have some extra cash to help cover all these expenses... including the couch I want which is a sweet ass sectional.. luckily that is only around 700$.

Good thing its summer break and I got my 5 paychecks... bad thing I gotta buy all this shit and make the $$ last until August! lol

Anyways.. that's about all that's been going on... I can't wait for all the painting to be done so I can start bringing my stuff over! I won't bring my bed over until monday (since that's when the cable and internet will be installed!) OK.. I'm beat.. I'm heading to bed since I have to bring my car to the shop at 9am!



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