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6:38 p.m. - 2006-01-12
stupid filter keys
I am ever-so glad that tomorrow is Friday.

What I am NOT happy about is that we finally got a new copier at school, but they are cutting our copy allotment in half. Luckily for us though, when I went in for the makeup day I copied the reading tests for the next 5 stories (which is 4 pages each), and lots of other stuff so we are set for a while.. as long as we keep up on stuff I think we'll be ok.. it just means nothing fun can be run off... (bastards)

Not sure what the weekend plans are. Went to dinner with James last night and we learned that just because a Mac. Grill is closer.... it won't always be better. :(

I really cant believe that its been six months with james!! Its gone by sooo fast! i do know that i"m happy and thats all that matters right? anyways i just fucked up and turned the filter keys on??? so i gotta try to fix this its fucking up how i type!!!



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