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9:32 p.m. - 2005-09-27
nap over, now its time for bed! ;)
I slept for a while, and now am awake, knowing that I have to go back to bed in an hour or so. *sigh*

I spent the last 5 days at James's house. Snug in bed, which looks beautiful with the new bedding we picked out together. He wanted new stuff 'cause the sheets he had before were from when he was married. The bedding we got is this beautiful set from Bed Bath and Beyond, and he bought a down comforter as well. We won't talk about how much he spent that day... not to mention how much he's spent redoing the bathroom... but.. he's planned for this and saved the $ up, so I really can't say anything.. the boy is really good with money.
It was hard to leave today, but I know I have to go back to work tomorrow and was planning on being productive when I came home. Sadly though, I got one load of laundry done, and then fell asleep for 4 hours.

Tomorrow I have conferences and then will go to my mom's to lend her my digital cam.

James told me tonight that he wants to buy me the Silhouette glasses.
They are insanely expensive (to me), but his rational is, if I'm going to be wearing glasses for a long time, why not wear the best there are?
The glasses are close to perfect. They have no hinges, no glare, the frames are flexible and will fit anyone, the lenses are so light, you barely feel them...

He was trying to figure out a holiday that was coming up so that he could buy them for me.. I told him my 'half'-birthday is 10/14 (I'll be 27.5) ;)

Speaking of birthdays, his is coming up. I got him a wallet, and I know what else I am going to get him, I just have to drive to Tampa to get it.

I'll post a pic when I pick it up.

ok.. now Im going to try to go back to bed... time for teeth brushing and medicine.



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