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7:52 p.m. - 2005-08-15
~ Well.

The last four days have been quite the emotional rollarcoaster.

My grandfather passed away on Thursday evening. My mom called me as I was driving home from James's house and told me the news. At first I couldn't cry.. shock I suppose.. but then? Then I couldn't stop.

To think that this man won't ever sit next to me at the dinner table, to think that I won't hear him draw my name out in the correct pronunciation.. to think that I won't get cheesy bday card he'd make on the computer each year.. to think that I'll never hug him again.. it just doesn't make sense.
I've been really spoiled. To have my grandparents around as long as I have, its rare.
My grandfather was no saint, but to me he was. Without hesitation he supported me always. He and my mother taught me to read when I was four. That alone makes me forever in his debt.... reading has always been so important in my life, and now.. I am the teacher... its come full circle.
I'm going to miss my Gpa more than I could ever express on here. Thank you to all who sent me your thoughts. It was much appreciated. *hugs*

RIP Robert Phillip Muller
4/3/29- 8/11/05

On a much happier note, James and I went to Lijah's show on Saturday night. It was an amazing event and when we left at 11:30, Lijah had already sold 2 pieces! It was so nice to see his talent recognized and to know that his name is getting out there. James fell in love with one of the pieces that sold, but Lijah said he can make him one like it. I really like seeing Lijah and Val and Dallas.. it was nice to do it without having to depend on if Adam was down or not.

Here are some recent pics.

This is James with a pickle stress thing we found at the VA hospital. hhehee

The flowers James sent me.

The bee in the flowers since I'm "Miss.B". ;)

I just installed the new microsoft spyware thing. go to to get it. it's free and works really well... so I'll be posting bunches again.



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