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10:16 p.m. - 2005-08-17
why can't tomorrow be Friday?
~ Seriously.. team teaching is the best.. I do lesson plans and laura grades papers.. I love it.

~ People keep asking how I am. I'm fine really... but honestly.. I really don't think it will hit me until the first family function we have. Since he was diagnosed, I hadn't seen as much of him as before, because he was in St.Pete for treatment most of the time.. it kinda feels like that now.. like he's not around here.. but I'll see him soon.
But I won't.
It really doesn't make sense to me... and to think that tomorrow will be a week already? fuck.. where has the time gone?

~ I'm so glad its almost the weekend..
Friday night I'm going out with my bestest friend and we're having a BFF night.
Kinda funny that my best friend's name is Jamey and my boyfriend's name is James? ;)

What can I say... its a good name.

~ Saturday night will be something with the boy,and then Sunday will be a bday party for Megan. :)

~ I have a bunch of random things I could write in here.. like about James or my Gpa, but instead I'm going to get my stuff out of the dryer, fold it, and climb into bed.



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