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7:04 p.m. - 2005-07-27
so many books.. and desks.. and more books
~ Drama in the family. It's exhausting.. and again my respect for my momma has risen ten fold on how well she is handling it.

~ Laura, Ryan and I went shopping for teacher stuff today.. went into the classroom for about 4 hours.. got a lot done actually.. the room is starting to take shape.. the majority of the time we spent going through the 17 boxes of books we brought with us. None of our kids can say they can't find a book to read..

~ Sleepy, had to get up early to meet them at the teacher store, and of course I was up late... I told James we have to start going to bed at like 8pm, 'cause we say we're going to bed at midnight, but then I don't get to actually sleep until like 2. (ok, that was a lil tmi, but oh well)

~ Tomorrow is more work in the room and then poker! :)



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