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9:56 p.m. - 2005-05-26
so tired.. and damn new classroom is a mess
~ Night 2 in my new hacienda. (did i spell that right? i doubt it)

~ Tony hooked me up to the DSL so I'm on my comp now! :)

~ Got into my new classroom today.. holy shit she left sooo much crap in there.. you should see the sidewalk outside the room.. there is literally like 10-15 garbage bags FULL.

~ Have so much to do at work tomorrow and we have a staff metting planned for 9 -11!! 2 hours!

~ All is well with John. He's moving this weekend too, but I think he's coming up Sun- Mon. ;)

I keep forgetting to ask if I can post a pic.

I'll talk to him tomorrow.. if he says yes, I'll post one then.



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