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2:55 p.m. - 2005-05-29
update/pics of john
~ Weekend update ~

~ Friday was the day from hell at work. Ended up having to be out of the old classroom sooner than I thought I would, but whatever.

~ Came home, showered and was planning on just chilling out and going out with Jamey and Tony when I start talking to John. He had the day off and had spent it at the pool drinking (lucky bastard). So I told him my neck hurt and that I needed a massage and that he needed to give me one. He was like, "Well come down here". I told him I had plans on going out with the crew so he was like, "Come and get me". So, I get my happy ass in the car and head to Tampa to pick up my boy. Got to see his apartment that he will be out of in a day.. and got to see lots of pics he had.. it was cute, he was like, "I know you wanna go, but i just want to show you these things about me". ;) (or something to that extent).

So we get up here, head out to the new local bar with Jamey and Tony. Chris met up with us later and we had a GREAT time. It was very nice to see how everyone got along. John and Tony hit it off really well, and Chris likes him a lot as well. The whole night Jamey just kept saying, "You guys are so cute!" ;) *what can i say, we are.. lol*

He stayed the night and he's a bed hog, but he's stuper cute so its ok. ;)

Here are 2 pics of him. I really don't think either do him justice, but at least you'll have an idea ;)

Last night went out again, but it was pretty tame.. just played some darts and hung out.

Off to jump in the shower and grab some stuff from my parents house.



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