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12:25 a.m. - 2005-04-28
i just wanna win one game...
I was sooo close at winning poker tonight.. but to no avail. I never win... oh well.. we had the best time tonight and we've formed the "Pussy Poker Club" (because we usually bet like pussies and make the game last 4 hours). ;)
Next Thursday it's at Chris and Fara's new place.. YAY!

Tomorrow will be the longest day ever. At work all day, going on a fieldtrip to a state park (which sounds all fun, and will be for the kids, but is hell on the teacher) and then we have a carnival until 9pm... 12 hours I'll be working tomorrow.. fun

That's all.. its late I'm way tired.. but I had a really good day today. I love my friends. :)

p.s. To show how OCD I am about this, I wrote him an email asking for more details like, when exactly he was coming and to where (here or miami). I was like, "can you not wait another month to email me back? I'm a girl, I need details"
I'm such a freak.. but I seriously need time to prepare for this... ugh


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