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10:34 p.m. - 2005-04-28
Read my Eyes....
* I am listening to my Joey LAwrence cd I just got on ebay.. and fuck all of you who laughed. I have loved this cd since I was... I dunno.. just for forever.. and my tape (and yes I said tape) is like dying so I finally got it on Ebay.
I say with no shame that "Read my Eyes" on this cd is probably one of my all-time favorite songs...

I'm exhausted. I was at work today for 13 hours. 8am-9pm 'cause after school we had a carnival from 4-9 and today we had a field trip so I am tiiirreeed.

~ Seriously.. Read my Eyes.. its a great song.. I'm so cheesy.. but I love it.

~ I am going to finish talking to Jen and then get to bed.

~ So um... Joey, I mean Joe Lawrence.. if you ever do a search for yourself on yahoo and run across this page... I'll read your eyes.. ;) *he's so hot*


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