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11:01 a.m. - 2005-03-31
Off I go
So Yesterday was a lot of fun. Just hanging out with Aaron was such an adventure.

When you meet someone like him.. it truly changes how you view the world. He is such an amazing man, that it like spoils you.... and it makes the men in Bville look that much shodier (which is a word i think i just made up).

If I may, let me just list a few of the talent that he posesses: He speaks 4 languages, he used to be a magician at the Magic Castle (and just like floored me with his card tricks yesterday), he's a chef, a photographer (has a print in the San Fran Museum of Fine Arts), a poet, mixes music, loves all types of music (he's seen the dresden dolls in concert!), sings, dances.... and I could go on.

My life mission at this point is to find something that I can do that he can't.... I have a plan, but I don't want to say it aloud in case he reads this... just know Aaron.. the chink in your perfect armour will be found!! ;)

We watched this really cool movie, and just hung out. He taught me how to use chopsticks (well, forced, which made me learn)... almost killed me with his hot sauce which is like hundreds times hotter than pepper spray, and overall just impressed me more than one person ever has.

If you know about my book, the thought of basing the boy on him came to mind.. but Aaron is too kind, too real and his 'horn' has yet to be revealed. (will make sense when i talk more about the book).

Overall I just adore this kid. I'm so glad that he randomly IM'd me one day because it's people like him that remind me of the person that I want to be and keep me on track (or kick my ass back on track) to becoming that person....

We were talking about his one roommate and how she's almost pigeoned holed herself into believing that she's all cultured and therefore has like stopped her growth.... and I don't want to be like that... I know that as much as I want to be a big city girl, there are so many things that I haven't seen or done or heard.. and I never want to stop exploring.

Being back out here in Cali reminds me how much I want the big city life.. and I miss Pasadena a LOT. This is such an amazing city.. and it makes me want to come back. I know I'll be in FL one more year.. just to pump up my resume and not have ppl look at it and say "why only one year at each school?"... but then... who knows? Maybe I'll come back out here.. maybe Tampa... I dunno.. all I know is.. I can't stay in Bville much longer... I'm going to be 27 in two weeks.. and I think that I'm ready for a real life....

So off I go.



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