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9:26 a.m. - 2005-03-30
wanna go to vegas?? ;)
~ The movie screening last night was fun. It was a pretty good movie, and it was nice to see Jen Anniston not playing a goody goody role for once. Also, Clive Owen is pretty damn hot. The one thing I did not like abnout it was that xzibit was in it... he just bugs me, and needs to stop acting and stick to rap and 'Pimp my Ride'.

~ I got a facial yesterday.. the first in my life.. and now I see why ppl can get addicted to them... granted the girl I went to did a reallly good job and does more than most... but holy hell its relaxing.

~ I had a dream last night that Aaron and I eloped in Vegas...

~ I think I had that dream because I'm going to see him today! :)

~ So like no one is coming to my birthday party outside my normal crew.. guess I know who loves me.. (this happens every year on my bday). One happy thing is Adam says he might be coming down to sell his truck so he might make it.. that would be awesome.

~ Send some love over to dietcokegirl she's still not 100% after her surgery and can use the positive thinking.

~ Umm.. that's about it.. its time for some coffee (which I only drink here) and then shower to start getting ready to see Aaron. Words can't express how excited I am to see him again... it's been WAY too long!

p.s. oh yeah.. i got a pedicure yesterday too so my toes are all cute again! :) *yes, I know I'm a dork*


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