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10:40 a.m. - 2008-06-26
I'm not dead yet!
So I am still alive. I am currently on summer break (the saving grace of being a teacher). I'm taking one of my ESOL classes online, which I should be done with, but am bored with and so of course I procrastinate. I also just got the Spanish Rosetta Stone and am attempting to finally learn spanish once and for all.

Things with the boy are good... I'm heading down there this afternoon and then he's playing hooky from work tomorrow so we'll be able to hang out. I asked him if there was something special he wanted to do tomorrow, but no response yet.

Next week my Dad and I will be installing laminate in my living room. Pepe' started the destruction of teh carpet, and Bella continued it.. I guess it's fun for dogs to pull a string of carpet. That's my only real house related upgrade this summer.. I am trying to conserve my funds as much as possible since I don't get paid again until August 25th. Granted I got 5 paychecks at the end of the school year, but I still have to make them last all summer. I went ahead and paid my mortgage through august so I know it's one bill I don't have to worry about.

K has the 3rd week in August off so I'm trying to talk him into going to Charleston for a few days to see Adam and Shannon and to just get the hell out of dodge.

He's gotten me into Soccer and I'm actually looking forward to the game today. It's the Semi-finals of the Euro2008 tournament. We're rooting for Spain today since K's favorite soccer player is on the team... but if they win and go to the finals, I'll have to cheer on my Germany!

Well the washing machine just stopped so I'm off to throw the clothes in the dryer and jump in the shower myself.

Hope all is well in your world!



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