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10:19 p.m. - 2008-04-06
weekend recap
So I had to go to Atlanta for the Union thing, and while it wasn't what we anticipated, we still got some ideas on things we want to do here.
I did get to meet two local authors, got 2 books out of the deal and stayed in my own room at the Hilton, so overall it was ok.
The best part was when Kharis called the hotel room to talk to me instead of my cell. It was unbelieveably cute and I adore him for it.

He picked me up from the airport *after our flight was delayed for over an hour* and we came back here.
I love sleeping in his arms and we spent the day with the family since it was my Mom's birthday.

We leave for Charleston on Wednesday and I can't wait... its going to not only be so much fun, but it will be so nice to be away with him and surrounded by fun and amazing people.

I truly do love this guy..


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