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6:04 p.m. - 2007-09-21
it's jamey's birfday!!
Today is Jamey's birthday.. so.. an ode to her.
Jamey is the kind of friend most people dream of. She's kind and funny and honest and caring. She can always make me laugh, she's not afraid to have fun and she's always there for me when I need her.
To think that we've been best friends since 11th grade kinda blows my mind. I know that I am truly blessed to have a friend like her, and I am very very very thankful.
I am a part of her family and not only being able to see her children grow, but to be such an active part of their lives brings me so much joy.
She is the kind of mother I hope to be. I feel so lucky to know that she'll be there to help me along when I have my child.
Happy Birthday lady.. I fucking love you and I'm so blessed to be able to call you my best friend!! :)



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