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10:43 p.m. - 2007-08-20
its too hot to breathe
First off, this weather sucks more than anything in the world. How is it that I was getting gas at 7:30-7:40ish this morning and I was already hot and practically sweating!?!?

The first day of school went well. The kids are cute, but so very different than the 3rd graders! I think I'll have fun with this class.. there is a couple of lil stinkers, but they're so cute and full of life that i'm sure they'll get away with it.. lol

I talked on the phone to B for close to 1.5-2 hours last night. Relationships and getting older were the main topics. It was an amazing conversation and I'm so glad that he opened up to me like he did. I can honestly say that after knowing him for what, 17, almost 18 years now... I've seen a side of him that I've never seen before.
Plan B is semi back on track... but we'll have to wait and see.

Ok.. I must get to bed... I didn't sleep at all and I know tomorrow is going to be a CRAZY day!

p.s. So my new guilty pleasure is "The Hills". did you see 'hustin bobby's' hair in that last scene? holy hell in a handbasket! it was all clean and wavy and long.. Ai chi wawa... he is YUMMMMMMMM.. a douche bag yes, but YUM YUM hot.


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