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12:06 a.m. - 2007-07-28
bye bye pepe
I'm obsessed with working in my classroom. Even though there is just under a month until I have to go back, its like I need to do it all now.. I'm enjoying planning everything for myself.. after team teaching for 2 years (which i enjoyed), its nice to have a classroom all to myself.
I won't mention what a copying whore I've been and how I went through my july allotment of copies, along with 2 other teachers.
In some of my subjects/programs I use, I literally have all of the test run for the ENTIRE year. yeah.
I didn't work out today. I'm slacking.. but I will tomorrow and I'm still focused.
My ocd can only focus on one thing at at time. Right now its my classroom. Next it will be my house.. and I'll get this place mega organized as well.

Tomorrow I'm giving Pepe' to my old roommate. It's sad, but its the best thing for him.. he really is annoyed by the puppy and he does better when he's the center of attention. Plus, she adores him and offered to buy him from me when she moved out. It's a total surprise.. she's gonna flip out!

I'm going to miss the lil bugger, but its the for the best... he loves to snuggle and be close.. and she'll shower him with affection...

ok.. i'm trying to make myself go to bed earlier than 2am.



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