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11:43 a.m. - 2007-07-11
only 2 more days!
So I have this list of like 40 things to do before I leave.. basically just cleaning the house and such so it is all done when I get back..
Things I have accomplished are:
Hair done
Eyebrows done
Bought shampoo and stuff for trip

And that's it.

I have to try to figure out clothes for the trip.. and I'm horrible about packing too much. I figure I'll need at least 2 outfits for each day (one for day/night) which means, that instead of 8 outfits, I'll probably bring around 15 or so.. lol

I always overpack because I fear that I won't have something I want.. and being that I'm not skinny I can't just run out to any store and buy something else... that and I hate not being prepared... (I'm such an Aries)

So I'm pretty sure about my day plans for Friday (fri night still up in the air), Saturday I'll hang with Brian.. Sun and Mon are still open... but I think I know what I want to do Sun night.. just not sure about the day... Monday is totally open.. I don't have to be at the airport until about 630 or so.. 'cause my flight leaves at 755.

So.. ok.. I need to go finish some laundry and then pack.

I'm so excited!!


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