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9:26 p.m. - 2007-07-02
going back to nola!
I feel like this trip on my own is a rite of passage in a sense. Even though I've always been single, I've rarely been alone.. I've always had friends and family members to be around...
This time? This time I'm in a city that's 800+ miles from home with no car, the vague memories of my 3 previous trips (the most recent almost 4 years ago), and a blank journal to record it all.
I texted Bri today asking him if I was going to see him when I was there (he's an hour away) and he asked when I was coming (though I've told him like 3 times already). I told him when and he asked if I would be making it to his town and if I was coming alone.
I told him yes I was coming alone, but no to his town.. I'm not renting a car, and really, if I can spend time in New Orleans, why would I want to go to Baton Rouge.
I don't think I'll actually see him, but if I do, it should be interesting considering it's been almost 4 years since i've seen him as well.

Getting back to the whole idea that this is some kind of big step for me...
I'm really independent, but I've never done something like this. I'm almost always doing things for other people, and to think that for 4 days all I have to worry abuot is myself.. its kind of intimidating... what will I do with myself? How many hours can I really walk around the Garden District for? How long can I drag out the trip to the aquarium? Do I dare attempt Bourbon Street solo?

It's a tad scary.. but I'm excited. :)
So.. what kind of souvenier do you want?? ;)


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