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10:33 a.m. - 2007-05-27
end rant
Nothing is more frustrating then not being able to do something simply because you HAVE to wait for someone else to do their job... and instead of acting like a grown up and doing their job, they're off at the beach and getting drunk.
Actually I lied.. there is something mroe frustrating.. when you are waiting on this person in both your home and your job to get their shit done... because both of your worlds are like stuck in limbo because this "friend" refuses to do anything on her own.
I swear to fucking god.. if she thinks she's waiting until her parents come down next month to get her shit out of my house I'm going to fucking lose it.
Friend or not, its not about needing the spare room for anything.. its about the principal of the matter..
the principal that she isn't the only one who exsists in this world and that she's fucking an adult now and can't depend on her parents for everything.
Hello.. you bought a new house.. enjoy it.. move into it.. and get out of mine!


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