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10:00 a.m. - 2007-03-18
Friday night I went out with Adam and the crew. It was a ton of fun and I really do love that group of people.. well, all except a certain girlfriend of one of the boys. But hell, she's 21 and her license plate spells out "prfect". Um, yeah. I had the same reaction. I don't do well with anyone with that attitude.. especially someone who's 21.

Anyhoo... Yesterday was spent tiling the first part of the hallway and the 2nd bathroom. I am a tiling queen, I tell you what.... granted I couldn't do it unless my dad was here cutting all the tiles.. but he does that and I'm in charge of laying them all out. I need to grout them today.. along with a bunch of other stuff. I was supposed to go out last night with Jamey and Eddie, but I ended up falling asleep at like 8! I blame it on the fact that I had gone out on Friday, got about 4.5 hours of sleep, and then spent from about 10-3:30 tiling and crap. It was a busy day and I was just worn out.

I feel really bad, so I have to make it up to him (it was for his bday) and I don't think the 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies I brought him will cut it. ;)

Today I'm going to be working around the house nonstop. I have a million things I want to do, and with the roommate out of town, I have the freedom of the whole house to do what I want/need. (which includes the ever-so exciting taks of cleaning out my closet, doing dishes, laundry, bleaching the entryway tile so I can seal it later... )

yeah, I know... quite the way to start off my Spring Break huh? I'm actually pretty pleased at how much was done yesterday. Dad at first said it was going to be like 5 days to do it.. but since I got so much done, it won't be that long at all! (In my opinion)

Plus, I bought an xbox with a bunch of games on ebay and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow.. so I want all the crap done so I can play it! haha (yes I'm a 15 year old boy)

I didn't take too many pics on Friday, but I'll try to post any that came out well. ;)



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