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6:15 p.m. - 2007-02-01
stop dating young annoying bitches!
So I kinda called someone out on their behavior. I don't know if it was really my place.. but I feel that as a friend, and I do consider us friends, that it needed to happen. When someone goes from one personality to another in the blink of an eye just because they start dating someone.. I just don't think that it can be ignored. I don't think that I changed that much when I was with James.... maybe I did.. but I don't think I did....
But this cat. he's gone from being crazy and wild to this boring ass prude who can only say that his new gf is "hot, she looks like a porn star". *Which isn't true.. she simply was dressed like one*
I'm sorry, but I personally would like to have my boyfriend say a lil more about me than, "She looks like a porn star".
How about, "She's so fucking cool"
or "She's badass", or "She is the bst thing that's happened to me"... something a lil bit nicer....

So please.. boys who are over the age of 25... quit dating girls under the age of 24... your friends can't stand the annoying bitches, you become retarded and its just a bad scene all around.

*end rant*



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