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10:44 p.m. - 2007-01-29
round 2 is about to begin
I like knowing how to play the game at work.
I am about done with it though. Seriously.. if this woman doesn't start doing her job, I'm just simply going to go off.
As in no holds barred... "Get-a-fucking-clue-and-quit-doing-shit-you-dont-need-to-do-like-plan-a-fucking-math-night-and-never-be-in-your-office-and-while-im-at-it....realise-that-some-of-us-actually-TEACH-all-day-and-don't-have-time-to-do-shit-like-count-out-papers-because-you-are-too-lazy"

That feels better.. and considering how long it took me to actually type that out.. i've calmed down a bit.


Other than that.. I'm going to bed.. in fear that I will catch this gross cold that everyone around me seems to have. I just got laroo a ton of meds and she went to be at like 630.. i got me some 'defense' meds to hopefully it will stay at bay.
I can't get sick a month before the dreaded test....


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