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8:05 p.m. - 2007-01-15
:) :)
So Laura got another tattoo today, and I went with for moral support, but was good and didn't get another one.
I have an idea for a couple more i want, but its not the time, and one of them all depends on if I have a daughter one day. (If I do, I'm planning on naming her Lilliana and then getting two lilies on either side of my ankh).

this weekend was relaxing and it was nice to have today off. Tomorrow will be insane at work I know, and then afterwards I'm babysitting for Jamey. :)

So I invited Bri to Gasperilla.. don't ask me why.. just decided to. I know he won't come.. its too short of notice, but I figured I'd at least throw it out there. :)

Had coffee with James today.. it was nice and we sat out in the beautiful weather and caught up. He actually is buying a house here in this county (which I find sort of humorous since he never really wanted to move here). I saw the house.. its very cute and has an amazing backyard. I'm very jealous of it. I'm guessing him and his newest GF will be coming to Gasperilla too, so its going to be one big happy family. :)

That's about all that is going on.. lunch is made for tomorrow, coffeepot is set, now I'm going to be good and get my clothes ready and then read before bed... have to try to go to bed early tonight. ugh



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