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11:57 p.m. - 2006-12-27
time to summon the ram...
I've literally watched the L word all day. I've watched the first 12 episodes of season one.
It's a really good show.. but it makes me miss California really bad.

I was talking to my aunt last night about how I feel like I'm split down the middle.. and I don't know which direction to go.
Do I want to be this free and single girl who can go anywhere and do anything she wants (and does)
am I serious about this whole wanting to have a child thing.

Seems like the only thing that I know to be true is that whatever I decided I'll be on my own.

Being single doesn't make my life any easier.. while I only have to make decisions for myself.. I'm also the only one making the decisions.. anything that happens, good or bad all rests on my shoulders...
While I'm learning to let go of regrets.. sometimes its nice to not always be the one in charge..

I guess really only time will tell. I have specific plans for 2007.. all leading up to what I hope to be a life defining time when I turn 30 in 2008. I offically have 16 months until I hit 30.. and now.. it's kind of a contest with myself on how many things on my goal list I can complete....

May the aries in me come out in full force.



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