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10:24 p.m. - 2006-12-05
happy birthday Jameson!
Today is Jameson's 3rd birthday. *insert awww* Seriously.. couldn't love that kid anymore if I tried. I need to bring him his bday present, though nothing compares to the coolest present ever which Jamey and Eddie got him.. a tractor he can ride (it has bike pedals). That kid needs to live with me here in Brooksville with the way he loves tractors.. he and the rednecks would get along well! ha

I did a good deed today. I took JG from work shopping. She has no girly side to her, and is one of those ppl who will wear shirts with Disney Characters on them (which I instructed her today to never wear again). She really isn't very fashionable and while we just went to ross to try to find her an outfit for the Christmas party, we ended up scoring and finding her a bunch of clothes. She's a bigger girl so she has some issues with that as well.. but I picked her out a ton of cute stuff and since it actually fits, she looks a lot smaller than she normally does in oversized tshirts and baggy pants.
I know she appreciated it and I was glad to help. :)

Ok.. off to bed. I'm fucking beat. Today was a looonng day.



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