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3:25 p.m. - 2006-12-04
seriously.. jared leto is the hottest man ever
The concert last night was amazing.
It was an insanely long day.
We got there at 8:30am and left at 10:00pm.

30 seconds to Mars should have been the headliners.. they were so amazing and like I've said since I was 16 and saw him on My So-Called Life, Jared Leto is the most beautiful man in the world.

I've decided that there is no bigger douche bag then the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday.. he said he was from NY, but then talked like he was doing a bad impression of Jim Morrison.. swung the microphone around like he was Mick Jagger, and stumbled over his words like a nervous 16 year old... besides the song they have on the radio, their songs aren't that good either.

Here's a line up of who we saw:
My Chemical Romance
Taking Back Sunday
30 Seconds To Mars
Angels and Airwaves
Three Days Grace
Shaun Morgan of Seether
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Kill Hannah
Say Anything

Over all the show was fucking unreal. The guys from OK GO were hilarious and I must go out and buy their cd now. :)

I took today off and of course it was insane. We got 4 new kids that needed to be placed and one of the teachers is already bitching.. I'm so fucking done with that woman.,, and of course it had to happen the day I wasn't there.

Oh well.. they can bite me.

So I'm finally being good and am starting to work out again. Is it bad that I'm using a certain boy as my inspiration.. and want to get in shape to show off to him?
I'm so lame.. but the way I see it is.. if it works, then fuck it.

Off to finish my one esol class :)



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