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9:48 p.m. - 2006-11-29
almost done with esol!!
I am almost totally done with my one esol class. I have 2 more sections to go, but thanks to Danielle and her taking the class last year, I can totally copy her section 9 and then 10 is mainly just recapping all that I learned. I may get it done early! Woo

I still have sections 7-10 on my second class, but that one isn't over until the 18th, so I'll have no problem getting that done on time. The sections aren't hard to complete.. they are just mindless and mainly me making up crap since I've never had an esol student, and the one I have now is going to be exited out of the program next year and is one of our highest students.

I'm finally feeling better and while it sucked getting up this morning, work went pretty well and I was pretty damn productive today. I have my lesson plans done for the next 3 weeks, did a whole section in esol and got caught up on team leader stuff.

This weekend is the big concert and I get to see my boyfriend Jared Leto sing.. so I'm way excited.. speaking of which, I have to talk to workboy to plan out how he wants to do the driving and such to the concert.

OK.. so.. yeah.. I decorated my Christmas tree tonight, and it looks very cute.. I think I need more ornaments though.. I gotta go steal some from my mom's house! *I'll post a pic soon*

Hmm.. not much else to report.. talked to Adam the other day.. hopefully he'll be down soon to visit.. yay!

Oh yeah.. note to self: Take in your dress to the dry cleaners for the Christmas party!
(I'm wearing my dress from the reunion)

That's about it.. gonna go watch Cars now! :)



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