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11:41 p.m. - 2006-11-17
please rescue me
I remember when I used to write in here everyday.. sometimes more than once.
Nowadays? well, 5 days has gone by since my last post.
Honestly, I have nothing to write.
Nothing to report.
Nothing to say.

Work is my life.
I come home, veg out.. pretend I'm going to actually work on my esol classes and then go to bed.

There is no torrid love affair to cry about, no crush to write about..

The thing with workboy is like laughable. I mean do I come on here just to post the random things he says that *could* be seen as hints that all of a sudden he's interested?

Like how tonight at the bar after work he made a random comment about Michigan being the place to live *that's where he's from*. Normally that wouldn't be a big thing, except he specifically said, "Barrett, I'm telling you.. Michigan is where it's at". Um, ok.
And how he called me drunk tonight to ask me to look up something online for him and when I found it he was like, "You rock" and I said, "I try" and he was like, "No, you do.. you rock everyday".

Then there's the comments he makes to me about my famous "boyfriends"... like when I said Jim from the office was my boyfriend, and he said, "but I thought Jared Leto was".


I need a life.

Someone come and rescue me.


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