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3:17 p.m. - 2006-11-05
I'm still here... but are you?
I know.. I've posted little to nothing the last couple of weeks.
The thing is, I really don't have anything to say.
What do I talk about?
About how work consumes my life and when I come home all I do is play with the dog, clean the house and maybe watch a little tv?
Do I talk abuot how nothing is going to happen with the guy from work because I don't like him, nor does he like me?
Do I talk about how happy I am that my ex is in a good place in his life but that I'm totally jealous that he found someone first?
Do I talk about how I feel doomed that this monotony will become my life for the rest of my days?
Do I talk about the fact that I know that unless I lose weight I am totally considered undateable?
Do I talk about the fact that the only person I ever loved is someone that I will nevre have and how I have no faith that anyone will make me feel the way he did?
Do I talk about how all I want to do is finish these fucking ESOL classes?
Do I bore you with the details that most of my Friday nights are spent cleaning the kitchen?
Do I tell you about the fact that my dog is oh so cute but totally retarded?
Do I tell you how I've lost all of my faith in finding someone to share my life with?

Yeah.. didn't think you'd want to hear about those things either


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