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8:54 p.m. - 2006-10-21
house update
House Remodling 2007 has begun.
Thursday I pulled up all the crappy tile in the kitchen.
Friday dad came over and started to lay down the tile in the kitchen.
Today he came over around 9 and we started working... We have 90% of the kitchen done. All that needs to be done are the pieces he cut/will cut that go up against the cabinets.
The front hall (which was done totally by me thank you very much) is 75% done. I just have one full row to do (which I couldn't do before do to space and needing the first 2 rows to dry) and then the side pieces that need to be cut.
We'll start grouting the kitchen tomorrow and finish the rest of the tile.
I'm hoping that we can get the 2nd hallway done before the party on Saturday.... We're pretty freakin' fast so it might be possible.. even if the kitchen doesn't get done, I'd LOVE to have the hallway.

I'll take/post pics when everything is all done. So far I am LOVING the two tiles I picked out. *whew*

Now Friday night was interesting.
We went to the our after work bar (we being laroo, the work boy and another girl we work with).

So that morning work boy told me that he had a date for last night (boooo).
We still went to the bar and he was all about talking about the party and saying he wanted to come early to help set up and he was impressed with my menu that I have planned so far.. so I have no clue what's going on. One second he's all friendly and seems interested, then next he has a date with some girl who works at his apartment complex.
Laroo asked him about it (I pretended that I wasn't listening) and when she asked him about the girl he was pretty just "eh" about it...
And he seemed to get uncomfortable when the other work girl started talking about a guy who she wanted to set me up with.
So I think *IF* anything will happen.. it's gonna go down at the party.
Guess we'll have to wait and see.

So I have a million things to do before next Saturday.. including my fucking ESOL class which I've ignored for far too long. Yes I know.. such an exciting Saturday night.. but if the party is to be a success next weekend I have to be responsible and get as much done beforehand as I can.

So I think I'm going to go start my laundry and do a little bit of ESOL and then get to bed.. tomorrow will be another day full of tiles, grout and mud. WOo



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