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5:21 p.m. - 2006-10-15
tile fun
Things that are left on my to do list:
Grade science and social studies
Enter grades into the gradebook
Go to Walmart
Start ripping up the tile in the hallway so I can put the new stuff down.

Christ. I don't know which is worse.
I HAVE to have grades done tomorrow so I guess I'll do that.

I picked out tile for the front hallway today. I got a couple of sample tiles for the kitchen and luckily for me, I actually like the cheapest the best. It's only .59 a square yard as opposed to 1.98. So yay.
I also picked out the tile that will be used in the other hallway and the bathrooms.
Dad and I will be doing it this week/weekend and hopefully have it all done before the party. I need him to go with me to the store this week to pick up the kitchen and hallway/bathroom stuff.
I've never laid tile.. I'm a little nervous. Did I mention that I still want to paint the outside of my house as well?
Hm.. who wants to come over and help??

Being a homeowner sucks 'cause there's always a million things you want to do and never the time or money to do them.

This entry is totally boring and I'm running out of things to say that could delay me having to grade any longer.

peace out.


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