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10:03 p.m. - 2006-10-12
I'mmmm booorrrriiinnnngggg
There really isn't anything to update.
I'm taking a personal day tomorrow since it is a district wide inservice day and my school was only offering reading inservices.. and since I teach math and science.. I will offically be sick tomorrow. I will in fact be working on an inservice.. my esol classes which I have been ignoring terribly. I plan on catching up plus trying to pound out next weeks stuff so that I'm all good.

I also plan on grading papers and getting grades done for input into the system on Monday.

Today is James's birthday.
Funny, once upon a time I figured by this point we'd have been offically engaged and we'd have been living together for 3 months.
Funny how those once upon a times so rarely work out as planned.

He and I are actually pretty good friends and we have some very interesting phone calls. He's a dork, but I do love him (no not that way).

I can't really say what's the deal with the guy at work because he's pretty freakin' random. Oh well.

Anwyas.. I'm way tired.. today was really really emotional at work, so i'm going to go walk Pepe and then crash.



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