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11:17 p.m. - 2006-10-07
yay for new clothes and shoes
Went shopping today with Mom. It was a good bonding day.
I don't think Skechers makes my shoes anymore, but i did get a new pair of mary janes. These are very cute and a lil more dressy than my first pair.

I also got a new pair of birks for 17 bucks, because as jen said, I'm a dirty hippy.

I got a couple new shirts to go with my new pants and a cute ass dress.
So someone take me out so I can wear it.

I also just got off the phone with James. I talked to him for like 2.5 hours. I am glad that we're friends now.. we have some pretty interesting conversations.. we talk a lot abuot relationships, and how people act in them. Tonight we talked a lot about how people's early childhood forms their opinions about htings, about wants vs. needs and about getting over first loves.

It's kinda surreal. but I'm glad that we can be friends.

Now I need to clean my bedroom 'cause Gma is coming up tomorrow and is seeing my house for the first time. :)



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