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10:22 p.m. - 2006-10-05
new clothes and shoes coming my way! I may not be getting laid, but at least I'll be looking cute
Thank god tomorrow is Friday.
Thank god I get paid this weekend.
(yay for direct deposit)
Thank god for Torrid having a clearance sale.
I'm going there after work and getting some new clothes.
I'm sick of the ones I have.

And why is it that when he was trying to be a smart ass my ex had to put in an email the ONE picture that gets me emotional?
And don't tell me that I'm a good kisser when I'm horny.
I'm a good kisser all the time.
And he knows it.

My Gma is coming up this weekend.. it will be a nice family day on Sunday. Saturday I'm going shoe shopping since after saying he never does it, Pepe' has torn up 2 of my favorite pairs of shoes.
My skecher mary janes.. the ones I wear like every day. gone.
I loved those shoes more than any others.
If I can't find another pair I'm fucking doomed.

Lord I need a life.


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