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10:13 p.m. - 2006-08-30
poor babies...
Man.. there is some weird cosmic shit going around... crazy shit is happening to a bunch of people I know.

Lots of relationship drama... which I am thankfully free of. In fact.. my life is pretty free of all drama, except at work that is.. but really who wants to hear about stupid teachers who can't figure out shit on their own?

I will comment on one of the situations. My dear Aaron.. who I speak of semi often, is now single. The fact that someone would cheat on him just totally blows my mind and as I told him today.. you can tell its an LA girl and not someone who's ever been forced to live in a small town because we small town girls wouldn't give a boy like him up... besides the fact that he's friends with Dave Navvaro (swoon), he's just literally the coolest person I know. He's so smart it's actually frightening at times.. he's MEGA cultured, he's artistic, he can do magic and speak 4 languages and pretty much anything besides knitting.. he's done in some form and done it with flying colors... did I mention he cooked beside Wolfgang Puck at the Oscars?

My poor JenJen is going through crap..
Another friend who will remain nameless is going through lots of crap with his ex...

I feel pretty boring, but very relieved that its not me.

I just sit on the front porch and listen to my friends and offer support.

anyways.. the hurricane was a bust and all we got was some rain. Of course as I was walking Pepe' after work in heels it started to pour so I chucked them off and we ran home.. which was quite the sight for the neighbors I'm sure.
He's healing well and doesn't seem to hate me too much now that he's balls free. He's eating more and is back to his crazy ass self.

Anywyas.. just wanted to update quickly.. I'm gonna walk him and go to bed... I'm still a tad sick so I wanna knock it out of my system for good.



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